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Mitchel Volkering

The creator of the VaIcaT community Retired influencer: MoreMitchel Over 5 years of corporate IT recruitment experience

What is a "Mitchel"?


I'mMitchel Volkering

Self-taught Entrepreneur

Welcome on my personal page. I love to create vlogs and build digital communities for IT professionals. On instagram I worked on a project called MoreMitchel with over 100k followers. I left that for LBRY, which is a new platform. I also created my own company: vaicat. We create professional platforms for developers to connect and share aka. communities. Recently I also got a job at Stack Overflow, which is awesome. You might find me in San Francisco or Amsterdam, but I live in the heart London. See my company website and visit Stack Overflow:

What I Do

1. Five years of (corporate) Recruitment

Passion matters

This is exciting! I love working with developers who have a passion for tech. I am proud and thankful of/for the 350+ developers we could help getting a new job in either Los Angelos, Eindhoven, London and more.

2. Four years of Influencing/creating

From MoreMitchel too?

Creativity is such an important mistress in my life. But to gain over 100.000 followers was a complete surprise for me. It helped me get where I wanted to be. I want to do more! On LBRY. I'll keep you posted.

3. Five years of building communities

VaIcaT, DUARTE.io and more

This is my comfort zone. I use community building skills to solve almost every problem I or my clients have. I love to learn from the professionals on the platforms. It's an insane and humbling experience.

4. Next chapter?

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is the most logical place for me te be. If you read about my experience it would be epic to combine all these skills in a team with even better community builders. I am an Account Executive at Stack.

My Skills


One of my main skills is getting people to click and be interested in the content. This is because of my daily 3x interval system.

Community building

Clicking is step one. But the communities I create will provide the information the user is looking for. Usually Reddit based.

Recruiting developers

Active developers for the communities that is. I work close with companies and events. Also I don't own their data, Reddit does.

IT Recruitment

I also did my fear share of recruiting online on platforms like Stack Overflow. Hearing developers stories is and always will be awesome.


Content creation isn't just a skill. It's a mistress. I spend a lot of time on it. Short funny videos, memes, vlogs and more.

Adding value

Aka sales. I did a lot of sales when I started my own company. My clients got triggered by the amount of information I already new.


Jobs filled


Starbucks Coffees


Books read


Developing Projects


Geen posts.
Geen posts.


The combination of Mitchel's knowlegde and experience in IT and building communities, makes him definetely one of the most talented recruiters I have ever met. He speaks the same language as the IT professionals which makes him a perfect ambassador for each company and it's recruitment team. He understands both tech and the business and is always eager to share his thoughts and knowledge, I would not hesitate to work with him again and can highly recommend him.

Ilana Dumapat

Account Manager at Government

Mitchel is certainly one of the most talented IT recruiters that I had the pleasure to work with. He is able to connect with developers on a deeper level and his knowledge in Tech and recruitment tools are second to none!

Giuseppe Stellabotte

Sr. Account Executive at Stack Overflow

Mitchel has helped me to find a job in the Netherlands and by that i mean the following: With his help i was able to get a first contact with my current employer. He helped me arrange my interviews with the employer. He always answered my questions with patience and kindness. He helped me with all sorts of personal issues regarding moving to Netherlands (Accommodation and so on) And apart from that he was always there for me with his cheerful attitude and that really means a lot. So i can say that during my recruitment period i was very lucky to have Mitchel helping me.

Irfan Hekimoglu

Development Engineer at Siemens

The Hague, Netherlands


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